Monday, 23 July 2012

Finally! How to permanently disable tap-to-click on touchpad settings in Lubuntu 12.04

Then I got help from AskUbuntu to find a hack for this perpetual problem I was having with my N145 Samsung netbook. The touchpad was driving me mad.

Open up the terminal and type


 Then it is possible to type into this new file:

synclient MaxTapTime=0
synclient MaxTapMove=0
syclient CoastingSpeed=10
synclient MaxSpeed=1.05
synclient AccelFactor=0.18
Anything else to change too. or simply:
synclient MaxTapTime=0
If you just want to disable tap-to-click;

A full list of settings and a description of what they mean, can be viewed on this synaptics info page

Save then close the file. 

To make the file executable:

  >>chmod +x ~/   


In the terminal type:

 >>sudo mv /usr/bin 

The shell file path is going to be /usr/bin now.


Go to the file manager gui and from there go to: 
> /usr/share/applications. 

Then go to: Tools -> Open Current Folder as Root:

In your root access file manager window:
File -> Create New -> Blank File.

Name the new file touchpad.desktop.

 Find your newly created file, right-click it, edit it with leafpad and paste:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Touchpad Autostart
Save a copy of the file in
 and that is all.