Saturday, 15 August 2015

GUADEC 2015 at Gothenburg, Sweden

I attended GUADEC thanks to the GNOME Foundation who sponsored my trip this year and gave me the opportunity to attend (which has been my second GUADEC experience as a GNOME contributor since Brno in 2013 - an awesome introduction). Back in 2013 I was obviously much greener to GNOME, yet I don’t see myself getting bored of contribution here any time soon - I personally still find some new problem to figure out how to solve every time I look at GNOME development, but it seems that it is these events which act as a kind of glue binding us all together as a community when we come together, each year...

Photo by Garrett LeSage
Due to limited direct weekday flights to Gothenburg from where I am, I had to arrive on Friday 7th, more or less hop on stage and then blitz through a lightening talk about my GSoC project (Develop Java ATK Wrapper) which has now been published.

I hope that talk still provides a useful overview of what I have been up to this summer (despite the slightly discombobulated speaker) nonetheless! Feel free to fire any questions if anything about the work seems unclear though bear in mind, I’ve drafted an update on the project for final draft publication once we enter the code freeze, so I expect to be racing to get some last bits of API code in before the freeze over the next few days!

Photo by Kalev Lember
I felt a bit under the weather during the first few days of GUADEC which was a bit unfortunate, but of course it was still a great source of joy meeting up with people face to face and hear perspectives from all across the globe, despite that - this common passion we all share for Free software and GNOME really comes alive at GUADEC  at the talks, BoFs and socials - All differences between the diverse set of individuals who contribute to the project just seem to melt into irrelevance there (or at least they can just until the next hot mailing list debate flairs up sometime between, no doubt! ;-)). GUADEC is a positive reinforcement of what we all share in common.

Personally, I most enjoyed attending the women’s dinner with many of the female contributors, playing football (“soccer" for the confused, among us ;-)), plotting to take over the world (i.e. engagement) with Oliver Propst, catching up with everyone and rocking the table tennis nightclub (where a certain GNOME director may have started a mosh pit to Rage Against The Machine and we all followed suit under his leadership ;-) - though I paid dearly for that the next day, ’twas most certainly worth it...); some of the talks were pretty entertaining and informative too and the general chat was quality over the course of the week.

Great thanks are due to everyone who made GUADEC possible this year, particularly the Gothenburg team. I daren’t try and name names though (for fear of missing too many people out!), but I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say, we all recognise the amount of work events like GUADEC must take to put together and are very grateful for the people who are willing to do it.

Update: photo credits.